Possible Alternate Energy Sources

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Possible Alternate Energy Sources

One of the areas of interest is a ram pump. Used for hundreds of years to move water from streams to animal troughs using gravity as the power source. Can a percentage of water falling from a raised water tank down into the ram pump be returned back up to the tank only to fall again? If so, this will help aerate and extend the fall/cycle time back into the fish tank.

Another option may be a modified bicycle. With a simple rope and block being pulled through a PVC pipe, “bike power” can move many gallons of water in a very short time. By pumping the water to a tower tank and allowing it to then pour out via a 1″ pipe into the fish tank it would extend the time before one would have to ride the bike again and refill. Here the ram pump would return a portion back to the water tower to fall again, extending the time needed to refill the water tower. For example, could a 20 minute bike ride not have to be repeated but for every three hours? Can the falling water move a water wheel enough to power a battery charger?

Using the same concept as above, what if an ox could walk in circles, thereby turning a wheel that in turn pumps water up into the water tower. At the same time it could help charge a 12 volt battery bank that could also be utilized to pump air and/or water.

A windmill, turbine could be utilized where annual average wind speeds would allow.

A solar cell panel could also be used to power a 12 volt system and battery bank.

Methane production, steam engines, bio fuels, the list goes on. All of these could be used in part or concert with other methods.